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Mothers of Africa returns to Zambia

27 February 2015

Mothers of Africa has a crack team of clinicians and educators going off to Zambia Saturday.  This is one of our regular support trips to Chongwe District Hospital and Shiyala Village.

The clinicians are Obstetricians Drs Alex Rees and Zainab Ilyas form Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, Mr Miran Rems Hernia Surgeon from Slovenia and Dr Jacqueline Davies from Wrexham North Wales.  There is a huge operating list and plenty of people to teach in theatre.  Aspirations and skills are going from strength to strength in Chongwe District Hospital and in fact the Ministry of Health is now thinking of upgrading the hospital with all this new activity.

The second things happening is the further a development of an adult literacy circle  in Shiyala Village in our classroom there.  Janice Newport is leading on this and I am going to support Janice.  We are working with local volunteer teachers and have a huge stack of donated books to make a library for the village.   Teaching the teachers:  it’s the Mothers of Africa model and it works.

If you would like to support and help buy books for the classroom the just giving site is still.  If you make a donation we will be able to buy the extra books in Zambia during the visit, please help:

Below is a gallery of some of our team.

Judith Hall,  Mothers of Africa