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June is Impact Month

3 June 2014

So then, of course it’s not about brownie points, impact factor publications, happy sheets, or money in and money out, its really about making a difference in peoples’ lives. We all went into healthcare, be it clinical work, research, education or innovation, for a very good reason (at least I hope so, its never going to make us millionaires!). To that end June is Impact Month.

I’m going to introduce some new faces to the blog and ask some friends in the University and NHS to talk about ways they are making an impact, changing things for the better. We’re going to start with Gemma Ellis later today, a woman, I think you’ll all agree, who is making a difference. We’ll follow up with a bit of an introduction to our Size of Wales project which I’ve asked her to lead on with Tamas Szakmany. Hopefully we’re going to get an interview with our Dean John Bligh, certainly a man with an ‘Impact Agenda’. I’m also looking for impact from our NHS colleagues and Sudheer has already agreed on doing a piece on his rather interesting/flexible role in our Defence forces.

Let’s see what the month throws up. Want to write a post for the blog? Are you making an impact? Don’t hide your light under a bushel, please let us know about it.

Judith Hall