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Impact: Rumney and Shiyala Primary Schools work together

18 June 2014

Report by Rumney Headmistress Ann Evans

Being involved with the charity ‘Mothers of Africa’ is proving to be such a rewarding experience for Rumney Primary School! We now have an established link with Shiyala Primary School resulting in joint projects such as film making, astronomy, art and craft as well as health and hygiene.

Under the expert leadership of Professor Hall and her team, pupils at Rumney Primary School are regularly updated regarding progress made as a result of the charity’s work. It was a privilege to undertake a fundraising activity for Shiyala Primary School as the plight of mothers in Africa and the lack of educational facilities, touched the hearts of the Rumney community and consequently over £2,000.00 was raised for the purchase of computers.

As we prepare our pupils for life in the 21st Century, global citizenship is a crucial aspect of our work and what better way for any school to develop awareness of such issues than to work with the schools in other countries so that aspects of citizenship are fostered in real and meaningful contexts and global friendships cemented.