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Hospital activity in Chongwe District

4 April 2014

As promised, an update on what’s developing in Chongwe District Hospital.  Highlight of the week definitely has been the real progress in the process of getting patients to theatre.  This morning we got an emergency Caesarian Section to theatre in no time.  Big, big baby delivered, mum and baby doing fine. We’ve done sections, hysterectomies, ectopics and taught BTLs.  Surgical skills are developing rapidly, as are anaesthetic skills.  Cerys and I are very pleased with Jackson the Clinical Officer Anaesthetist, he’s excellent, eager to learn and quick at it. At the end of today’s operating, scrub side asked if we could send out a senior scub staff on out on the next visit, will definitely do this, as everyone else has benefited from assistance.

The afternoon was filled with simulation teaching. Completely practical, very well received, great fun and attended by all.  Finally, at the end of the day, two significant events, Maggie donated her quilt from Wales to the mum who delivered by Caesarian Section today, mum was very very pleased. In addition, Sue and Paul  hung the fabulous exhibition of sun prints in the hospital. The first Art in Hospital event in Zambia.  All the staff loved it,  all round a lovely end to the day.  Well done, thanks to all,