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Ebola: update yourself

12 October 2014

Here’s my podcast from BBC Radio Wales Sunday Supplement programme (start at 24 min): Ebola discussion starts at 24 min
We must invest in Ebola and stop it in our tracks.

Support Doctors without Borders with a donation:
News and information at:
UNFPA update
WHO Latest
UN Hope of Ebola Containment
And from Cardiff University and Wales:

Statement from a Caridff University spokesperson follows:
“Cardiff University welcomes staff, students and visitors from all countries and has no intention of imposing any quarantine period or other restriction on those coming from countries affected by Ebola. The University is in close contact with government officials and Public Health Wales on this issue.
Student numbers from affected countries are very low. We will however, remain alert to the potential risks and heed the regularly updated advice from the WHO and other health agencies.”

Professor Judith Hall