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Mothers of Africa

Development, developments: Chongwe and Shiyala

2 April 2014

Well, lots and lots going on.  The development of operating theatres in Chongwe Hospital continues with Welsh and Zambian surgeons and anaesthetists working together.  Yesterday we had an interesting and challenging case in theatre with a lady having a an ectopic in her cornua  excised under general anaesthesia. It gave everyone the chance to work together on a challenging case.  A difficult case yes, but with a very successful outcome and the lady is doing well post op.  Surgically, Sanjay and Job worked well together​ and post-operatively, Cerys and Jackson took the opportunity to re-organise the anaesthetic trolley and get everything into smooth working order (the trolley’s been Cerys’d!).

Today, a lady had a hysterectomy for fibroids, but first Sanjay talked through the proceedure and its complications.  This is the way to teach.  Once again the operation went well, with the same teams in action. This was followed by a tubal ligation.  As the need is huge, operating lists are developing quickly, I feel confident that in another few months theatre processes will be worked out and very slick.  Our new pulse oximeters are being well used and WHO peri-operative checklist is carried out every time.

See some of our photos below of the hospital project and more photos of the village project. Thanks for your interest.