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Humanities & health

Clod Ensemble brings anatomical dance road show to Cardiff

25 November 2013

Clod are show casing a series of dance, seminars and conversation focusing on human anatomy. The season starts on 26th November with Roger Kneebone talking about Surgery and Performance (we all know about that!).  The fab dance event An Anatomie in Four Quarters happens on 29th and 30th November.

The academic department are linking with Tracey Wilkinson form Anatomy and Welsh National Opera star Ros Evans to put an a highly interactive seminar on the larynx: specimens, sopranos and simulation.  Our own Cristina Diaz Navarro leading the simulation. All of this will be drawn by Chris Glyn and students from CSAD.

Coming to the ‘Inside Information’ work shop is a great opportunity to see modern medical teaching in action. We use high fidelity patient simulators to mock up patients suffering life-threatening problems. Models are plastic, but they’re very advanced: their hearts beat and their lungs breathe and they can talk and even vomit!  Training a junior doctor to deal with a life threatening asthma attack or a major allergic reaction is easy with these manikins: and afterwards the doctor is ready to deal with real human patients quickly and efficiently. Come along and experience it for yourself.

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