Cardiff Epidural Simulator Study Wins First Prize at AAGBI

Posted on 23 September 2014 by Jeff Clark

At the recent AAGBI Annual Congress in Harrogate, a Cardiff University Translational Innovation study took first prize in the research competition.  The academic department of Anaesthetics, Intensive Care and Pain Medicine has developed a highly realistic epidural simulator (cannot really tell you much detail as there is IP involved). Anyway, the model has been recently trialled in
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Venturefest Wales 2014

Posted on 11 July 2014 by Jeff Clark

Wednesday saw the first Venturefest Wales event take place in the wonderful City Hall.  The event brought together about 700 innovators, investors and entrepreneurs to inspire business growth in Wales.  There were a variety of talks and workshops and a business exhibition showcasing the latest inventions.  We were invited along as part of the Cardiff University
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Innovative Teaching

Posted on 20 May 2014 by Jeff Clark

The department has been involved in teaching using simulation for many years.  A large amount of anaesthetic practice is focussed on skills development.  Postgraduate trainees use simulation to develop bronchoscopic skills, gain familiarity with some of the newer airway devices as well as using high-fidelity simulation to develop human skills in emergency scenarios. Anaesthetists have
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The Bill Mapleson Centre

Posted on 16 May 2014 by Jeff Clark

Since it’s establishment in 1947 when Professor William W. Mushin became Professor of Anaesthesia, the Department of Anaesthetics at Cardiff has been at the forefront of innovation in anaesthesia, giving it’s name to many inventions and developments.  Many of these inventions can by viewed in the online Mushin Museum archive ( curated and archived by
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Innovation in the Department of Anaesthetics

Posted on 14 May 2014 by Jeff Clark

The Department of Anaesthetics is widely recognised for it’s ability to collaborate with industry, other academic schools and institutions and the National Health Service to successfully bid for grants and develop new products to improve patient safety.  There are many examples of successful collaborations. It has created innovative products that help to improve patient safety,
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Cardiff Women In Science: a tipping point

Posted on 27 February 2014 by Jeff Clark

It may seem unbelievable now, but certainly until the end of the 19th Century, the female brain was considered inferior to that of the male. In spite of all evidence to the contrary, it was thought that women couldn’t handle science. When, in 1890 Phillippa Fawcett achieved the top score in the Cambridge University Mathematical
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Affordances, usability and tea pots

Posted on 30 January 2014 by Jeff Clark

Acknowledgements Karl Luke is an eLearning Technologist at Cardiff University. He is currently studying for an MSc in Education, Technology and Society with support from the Department of Anaesthetics, Intensive Care and Pain Medicine. The following blog entry has been formulated by concepts introduced on the MSc programme and explores their implications in the context
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