Project 4: Social media and online platform

Community Learning Ambassador: Tom Kelross

Community Gardens: All

Short Description of Project:

  • A public Facebook page, to promote the efforts of all gardens in Cardiff under one shared voice.
  • A private slack community. Slack is like a series of WhatsApp chats accessible across any device, designed in mind for small communities. This will allow members of all gardens involved to communicate with each other more effectively.
  • A prototype, working closely with one garden, of a web-application that would allow volunteers to receive virtual badges and rewards for their participation and in return allow garden administrators to more accurately track participation.


  1. Create a shared set of social media pages for Cardiff community gardens. Through which a shared voice will allow each garden to share its successes further across social media. Also create a private slack community to allow members of the gardens to communicate without
  2. Teach, educate and empower representatives of these gardens to manage this social media presence themselves
  3. Create an initial prototype for the online badge/hours logging system.

Benefit to the Community Gardens:

This helps solve the common needs of many community gardens needs to

  • Improve communication between the gardens & communication with the rest of the community
  • To have more accessible data / information about how volunteers are engaging with the garden.

Benefit to the Community Learning Ambassador

  • To develop my social media management skills.
  • To develop my ability to teach others how to use social media effectively, especially
  • To improve my web-development skills