Project 3: Operation Biodiversity

Community Learning Ambassadors: Lily Stringer & Ooná Lessware

Community Garden: Mackintosh Community Garden

Short Description of Project:

  • To monitor and increase biodiversity in the pond
  • To monitor and increase biodiversity of insects across the garden
  • To Plant biodiversity enhancing species


  1. Encourage learning about different species within the garden (Particularly with children). This will be done using a variety of methods which aim to identify different species within the garden and look at their lifecycles.
  2. Improve insect facilitated infrastructure to optimise habitats and maximise numbers.
  3. To improve the local environment in an inner city area and encourage the local community to be inspired into making personal positive environmentally friendly choices.

Benefit to the Community Garden:

  • Increasing wildlife
  • Educating the community
  • Encouraging community involvement and awareness

Benefit to the Community Learning Ambassadors:

  • Provides us with insight into how community gardens work
  • Allows us to develop networks at the same time as helping the community
  • Enhances groupwork and public engagement skills