Project 1: Marketing and Promotion of the Gardens

Community Learning Ambassador: Hannah Feakes

Community Gardens: All

Short Description of Project:

A project to increase the engagement of the community gardens and link them in one source, through different forms of advertisement.


  1. Create a pamphlet/leaflet with all the relevant information and links for all the gardens
  2. Bring more volunteers to the gardens.
  3. Bring more tourism/work on the social media aspect of the gardens.

Benefit to the Community Gardens:

This project addresses the issue of the sustainability of the gardens themselves – how many volunteers and tourists come to the gardens. These aspects of the community gardens are very important as the gardens need them to flourish, and this would also hopefully help them become more engrained in the community.

Benefit to the Community Learning Ambassador

  • I hope to increase my knowledge of what sustainability means to people in and around Cardiff.
  • I hope that this increases my overall wellbeing in terms of fitness and health, through outdoor sessions.
  • I also hope to develop my writing/editing skills.