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Graduation 2013

What to wear to your graduation

17 July 2013

What to wear to graduation… it’s the dilemma that many face! There’s always pre-graduation anxieties and nerves, from the thought of walking on stage in front of a crowd to wanting to look your best. Hopefully we can help you relax and enjoy your a day a little bit more.

We asked graduates their opinions on the most appropriate outfit and the important question for the ladies, “heels or flats?”.

White and red dresses seem to be a popular choice as they match the robes as well as being sophisticated.

Sapphire graduated with a masters in Mathematics:

‘Heels look nicer but you’re on you’re feet a lot‘. Don’t underestimate how much walking you’ll be doing!


Fiona White, graduated in Business Management:

Best outfit would be ‘something not tight, maybe flowy if it’s warm so you don’t have to keep worrying about it‘.


Social Science graduate, Hayley, thinks you should wear ‘something comfortable, monochrome is popular’.


Current undergraduate, Sindy, ‘I think wedges are the best as they’re a good balance between heels and flats. They are comfier than heels but still very flattering’.


Student Union President, Harry Newman,

Heels, it’s got to be. Although wedges seem to be a practical alternative’. 


Amy who graduated in Social Sciences wishes she wore higher heels!

Strappy wedges look posh and formal but are comfortable at the same time’.


Alice Marriott, current Journalism undergraduate

I think a shift dress or some kind of office type outfit, sonnet hong chic and classic. Personally, I prefer heels. But maybe kitten heels because you want to be able to feel comfortable. Today I’ve chosen to wear wedges but I do aren’t heels are flattering and it is a special day after all!’