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Graduation 2013

What our graduates had to say…

17 July 2013

Jean has graduated with a masters in Operational Research and Logistics:

I really liked [graduation], had a great time. The course itself was suited to me. I’m really glad [I chose Cardiff]. I made lots of friends and I was an international course. 


Fiona White, who has just graduated in Business Management:

The university experience ‘has gone really quickly, starting to feel more real now’. 


A geology graduate commented that they ‘really enjoyed it, it was really hard [work] but worth it now. Finally starting to sink in‘.


Naomi, a history graduate said she ‘wasn’t sure what to expect but was quite emotional, it was really nice to see everyone graduate. It was really fun, we threw our hats in front of the fountain which was really fun. The city is amazing and so is the university. I’ve made so many good friends.’ 


Stuart Reed works full time at the Students Union as a Sports Safety Co-ordinator for the Athletics Union. He has graduated with a PGC and First Graduate Certificate of Education.

It was very hard work, I work 9-5 in the Union. It’s been two years, studying Wednesday evenings.  In the mean time at home getting married and had a child. I don’t know how I managed to fit it all in but I got there!’
Ben Smith, a law graduate

I was quite nervous before graduation but it all went without a hitch. I’ve loved it here at Cardiff and I really don’t want to leave it’s really been the best three years of my life. I’m really sad to leave but maybe I’ll come back and do a masters and PhD. I’m planning to take some time out, work for a bit and go travelling. I want to do the LPC next September, maybe in Cardiff.