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Class of 2014

Spotlight on: Rachel Louise

10 July 2014


“Absolutely without a doubt the best 4 years of my life – I have learnt so much and gained friends for life.”

Rachel Jones

Join us in congratulating Rachel on her 2:1 in Psychology, which she studied alongside taking on numerous other roles, such as being the Students with Disabilities Officer. 


Why did you choose Psychology?

I eventually want to train as a Clinical Psychologist. I want to make a difference to Child and Adolescence Mental Health services.

What did you most enjoy?

The independence of living alone and the friends I have gained. Oh, and falling out of the union at 3am despite having lectures at 9am…

We hear you’ve been quite a busy bee. Being the Students with Disabilities Officer must have taken up a lot of time. What did it involve?

I held weekly drop ins, and worked closely with student support. I’ve also campaigned closely with Helen the VP welfare against the cuts to DSA. The association got shortlisted for The Association of the Year award, something which I’m really proud of as I had no committee to hold me back and tell me my ideas were ridiculous.

What else did you get up to?

I was President of the Psychology Society in my second year. I got involved because I had a load of ideas and I’m too bossy to be anything but president! We won gold status at the society awards and it’s something I’m really proud of!  

I’ve coordinated the Welcome Crew, which involves everything from interviewing potential members, training them and then overseeing freshers! 

I’ve also been part of the Funky Arse Dancers Society for the 4 years I’ve been in Cardiff. It is without a doubt the best thing that I’ve done! It was such a great way to keep fit and the committee this year really made my final year the best. 

You were also involved in the Cardiff Award, weren’t you?

Yes, I did the Cardiff Award this year as I wanted to really develop my skills for the working world! The team were so incredibly helpful and I completed the award at level 3. 

Did you ever have any free time?!

Between Welcome Crew, FAD, The Cardiff Award, SWD officer and my degree I have NO idea how I fit it all in! It’s a miracle I’m graduating at all!

It sounds like you’ve had a fantastic four years. Were there any challenges along the way?

I’ve got Crohns Disease and was only diagnosed 3 weeks before I started University so I spent a lot of the first 2 years back and forth between uni and home for the hospital, but I was very lucky that the University were amazingly supportive.

Sorry to hear that. Hopefully you’ve had lots of happy memories to counteract that?

Yes – too many to choose! My favourite would probably be the first ever party we had in freshers, where we held all the doors open and had an all house party thing going on. It’s where I first met some of my best friends too! I’ve also loved all the involvement I’ve had with the union, it’s really help shaped my experience at uni.

What are your plans for after graduation?

I’m staying at Cardiff University to do an MSc In Childhood and Youth studies, and I’m currently looking for a job to finance it all!

Are you excited to officially be a graduate?

I’m incredibly excited and nervous! I’m so proud to be graduating, but I’m also incredibly clumsy so slightly concerned I’ll fall over on stage!

Do you have any advice for first years?

Just make the most of all the fantastic opportunities you have! Don’t be afraid to get involved and try new things as it might turn out to be the best thing you do! Go out a little too much, stay up talking until 6am, and visit all the local sightseeing places and events. Your time here will fly by, so make the most of it!