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Class of 2014

Spotlight on: Marianna Griffiths

25 July 2014

“Being involved with Student Volunteering Cardiff allowed me to meet some lovely people and it has been a vital part of helping me get my PGCE places.”

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Volunteer, sign language student, and Geography graduate Marianna is going on to do a PGCE.

Hi Marianna! Why did you study Human Geography and Planning?

I always loved geography at school and have always wanted to study it. I feel like it is so relevant to everything that goes on in the world and gives you an opportunity to study such a wide variety of areas. The planning element was not exactly planned but I have found aspects of it very interesting.

How did you find the Cardiff University experience?

Cardiff was an unexpected next step for me, but I like it think everything happens for a reason. I am happy to be able to say I really enjoyed the course I chose and I have made so many amazing friends and so many hilarious, (sometimes embarrassing), long lasting and special memories, in a really great place to be a student.

What did you most enjoy about your time in Cardiff?

Definitely my course, especially the people I have met through it and the places it has taken me, such as Hong Kong.

Did you face any challenges during the past three years?

My biggest challenge was probably my dissertation. Looking back I might have done things a bit differently but thanks to the support of certain family members and friends I am proud of the end result.

What is your favourite memory?

I still remember my first day in uni!  I sat near to someone who is now one of my best friends, but I sat two seats away from her. We still laugh about it now. 

Did you do anything extra curricular?

I was involved with SVC during my second and third year, volunteering on the Primary School Tutoring project in second year and then being part of the coordinator tea in third year. I met some lovely people and it has been a vital part of helping me career-wise. During second year I was also part of the Broadway Dance Society. I really loved as I have been doing ballet for most of my life, and I took part in the end of year showcase which was so much fun. In my last year I couldn’t continue with dance because I began learning sign language. I completed British Sign Language Level 1 and met so many lovely people whilst doing it, and laughed a lot! 

Crikey! How did you fit everything in?

My course timetable meant that I was pretty much free to organise all my time myself, so I just had to be organised and motivated in order to fit in the things I wanted to do as well as those I didn’t want to do so much.

What are your plans for after graduation?

Next year I am doing a PGCE so I can become a primary school teacher, but that is after an exciting month in Thailand with my housemate!

How are you feeling about graduation day?

Slightly sad, because after graduation it really is all over! But I am also really excited to celebrate the last three years with everyone. After the ceremony I think I’ll be going out for dinner with my parents, hopefully to my favourite veggie restaurant as it might be the last time I eat there!

What advice would you give to students moving to Cardiff in September for their first year?

Enjoy yourself! Uni is over way too fast.