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Class of 2014

Spotlight on: James Alexander Smith

3 July 2014
“It’s been the best three years of my life, and I’ve made friends here that I will be in contact with long after my studies in the Welsh capital!”   

James Smith
Meet James, who will soon be graduating with a 2:1 in Politics from Cardiff University.

Hi James!  What did you most enjoy about your time in Cardiff?

The night-life was probably the highlight for me. Being from sleepy little Cambridge, the night-life in Cardiff was one of the main drawing points of studying at Cardiff University. I had a season ticket this season at Cardiff City as well, so I got to watch a whole year of Premier League football on my doorstep – something that will never happen back home in Cambridge!


What’s your first memory of your time in Cardiff?

It has to be freshers week, when I helped a foreign student move into his halls of residence on the way back from a night out at 3am – he’d definitely arrived late!

Did you do anything extra curricular during your time in Cardiff?

I was a member of the legendary IMG Football side, FC Euros. There were too many nights out to mention, and some unforgettable memories created on those nights out, but we did play a bit of football now and again as well!

It sounds like you spent a lot of time hungover! How did you fit everything in?

Honestly? I’m not entirely sure – you just sort of manage it. Balancing my studies with watching Cardiff City/Rugby and playing football, along with going out, was a struggle at times but when it came down to it, I always made sure work came first, and I did work incredibly hard in the three years I was at Cardiff.

What are your plans for after graduation?

At the moment I’m searching for temporary work back home before I go travelling in America with uni mates. We’re going up the West coast of California via Las Vegas and having three nights in Caesar’s Palace. Then I’ll be on the hunt for some form of work.

How are you feeling about graduation day?

I’m excited and cannot wait. It will be good to see all my course mates, especially the ones I spent hours on end revising in Bute library with! My twin brother and my grandparents never got the chance to come up to Cardiff to see me either, so it will be good to show them the city along with my parents!  We’re planning on celebrating with food and Drinks in Cote Brasserie at the Bay.

What was the best thing you did during your three years?

It was probably going out into the city and finding myself something to do. Initially I couldn’t find anyone to watch the Cardiff City games with me, but I wanted to sample the local sports scene. I am so glad I ventured to the Cardiff City Stadium on my own to do so because they got to a League Cup final and were promoted to the Premier League.