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Spotlight on: David Owens

25 July 2014

“You can’t argue with having your Varsity hosted at the Millenium Stadium and the possibility of bumping into Dr Who on your walk to lectures.


Athlete and avid volunteer David Owens has just graduated in theology. 

Hi David! Thanks for chatting to us, and congrats on your 2:1! Why did you choose to study Theology?

Definitely not to become a vicar! I’m still not sure, but I’ve loved it!

How would you describe your time at Cardiff University?

Great! I know everyone loves their university but I think those at Cardiff just love it that little bit more! You can’t argue with having your Varsity hosted at the Millenium Stadium and the possibility of bumping into Dr Who on your walk to lectures. 

What did you most enjoy about your time in the city?

I lived with five great housemates! I’ll miss them, our Gamecube and our pet fish Jean Beausejour tremendously. 

Can you remember your first few days of Freshers?

I don’t remember much of first year, but I’ve heard that it was all pretty great! 

Did you do anything in your spare time?

I’ve had the privilege of being both a member and the Vice-President of the Cardiff University Athletics Club. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! 

What’re your plans now that you’ve graduated?

I’ll be living and working in Cardiff! 

You’re also planning something pretty spectacular, aren’t you! (More here)

Yes, this August myself and a friend are embarking on a 10,000 mile, fifty week long, volunteering challenge. We really want to raise as much money for WaterAidUK and promote volunteering as a means of travelling for students who are on a budget. We also want to see if this is possible – it’s only going to be done through people’s generosity. We plan on working very hard throughout the year and hope we can find a volunteering opportunity in every country. By the end of the fifty weeks we hope to have gained more independence, life experience and a generally wider understanding of the cultures we see throughout Europe.

And it’s not the first time that you’ve volunteered?

No. Last summer I volunteered through the website and realised how useful websites such as those are for students who want to travel, but are on a budget. It was an amazing experience. I met friends for life, some of whom I’m returning to stay with this summer before starting the challenge in August. 

How’re you feeling about graduation?

I’m looking forward to graduation day and it will be nice to graduate but also see friends graduating alongside me. I’m actually flying back from South France to graduate and then heading straight back the following day, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it. 

Any advice for soon-to-be Freshers?

Join a club or society in your first year as it brings with it a whole new university experience.