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Class of 2014

Spotlight on: Boi Rantsudu

11 July 2014

“I really enjoyed the friendly atmosphere in the university and the city, meeting new friends and building community with course mates. It has been such an enjoyable experience.” 

Today we’re chatting to Boi, who is graduating with an MA in Language and Communication Research.

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Hi Boi. Why did you choose to study this MA?

It was more because of the career path I am already following. Before I started the postgraduate programme, I was already teaching Communication and Study Skills at my home university. So it was really about getting further training in my field.

How would you describe your experience at Cardiff University?

It has been an amazing experience to be in one of the top UK universities and be taught by world-class members of staff. I have developed new skills, both academically and personally.

Did you do much outside of your studies?

I was a student representative.

What was your biggest challenge you faced?

I have a natural tendency towards perfectionism so settling in a new place, and doing a rigorous programme of study had me make some adjustments and learn to ask questions (from inside the lecture room to asking for directions to get around the city).

What’s next?

I am continuing my studies at Cardiff University and currently studying for a PhD in Language and Communication Research.

How are you feeling about graduation day?

A sense of great achievement, especially when I think of the odds I dealt with during my MA: settling in a new place, and disciplining myself to commit some hours each day to do assignments.

What advice would you give to students moving to Cardiff in September for their first year?

Have a positive attitude and believe for the best in everything you do.