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Class of 2014

Spotlight on: Amy McMullen

12 July 2014

“I think it will be a really great atmosphere, and I’m definitely looking forward to wearing the cap and robe too!”

Amy McMullen

English literature graduate Amy tells us about her three years in Cardiff and the CV value of volunteering.

Hi Amy! Why did you choose to study English literature?

English was always my best subject at school, and studying it was never a chore like some subjects; it was always really interesting and a pleasure to do, so I figured it would be best to study something I enjoy for three years!

How would you describe your university life?

It was full of ups and down, and a learning experience in so many ways. My hometown is quite small with not a lot going on there, so I’ve loved living in a capital city where there is always exciting things happening, in places full of interesting people.

Did you find it difficult at times?

It’s been difficult to stay motivated sometimes through the amount of work, especially when trying to manage modules as diverse as feminist film theory and creative writing, and my dissertation this year! But luckily, I’ve had the support of some great friends who have helped me stay positive.

What about the better times?

I have lots of nice memories from seminars over the years, from having a laugh with other students and staff, but also working hard and sharing our thoughts in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. They always brightened up the rainy days that are so common in Cardiff!

What did you do in your spare time?

This year I’ve volunteered a lot in local primary schools – I did a week long placement through the Classroom Experience Project and then a weekly session through Student Volunteering where I would help out at a school every Monday. It’s been a really fun and interesting experience, and of course, valuable for my CV. Cardiff have so many projects like this on offer and it’s really easy to get involved.

I had a part time job at the Millennium Stadium, so I’ve got the chance to experience Cardiff on match days, which certainly deserves the infamous reputation it has! I’ve also met loads of celebrities through working in the VIP suites there, the most famous of all being Prince William. 

Was it hard being so busy?

I’m naturally a very obsessively organised person, so I always enjoyed having lots to do and keeping busy. Nonetheless, I think it’s important to make sure you have lots of spare time to do the things you enjoy for fun – for me, this was usually making the most of Cardiff’s amazing array of shops!

What are your plans for after graduation?

I’m searching for work at the moment to hopefully fund some travelling around the UK and further afield, to fit around my love of live music! Apart from that, I’m hoping to continue volunteering in primary schools and possibly pursue a PGCE eventually.

How are you feeling about graduation day?

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone I know, both staff and students, and celebrating our success together. I think it will be a really great atmosphere, and I’m definitely looking forward to wearing the cap and robe too!

What advice would you give to students starting their university life?

Don’t restrict yourself to what goes on in the ‘uni bubble’, make sure you venture outside of it often and make the most of what the city has to offer. I think the fact that I’m planning to come back to Cardiff and hopefully live and work here for the foreseeable future says everything about how wonderful a city it is!