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Jamie Roberts on graduation

19 July 2013

Twenty six year old Jamie Roberts, is set to graduate with a degree in medicine today after eight years work. He has been balancing life as a professional rugby player for Cardiff Blues and the Welsh squad alongside studying for his degree.

How are you feeling about graduating?

– Quite excited, combination of eight years hard work. I’m excited to celebrate with my family and fellow peers.


How did you fit it all in?

– Lots of hard work, a lot of juggling. Big thanks to Cardiff University and the medical school, the rugby club. Just fitting it all in its been very tough but I’ve had a lot of help from both parties.


Why did you choose medicine?

– I’m a bit of a geek and I like to meet new people and nursing people. So a good fit.


You’ve had to stop playing rugby a few times due to injury, how you push yourself to stay motivated?

– Injuries happen to everyone at some point in their career and you have to del with it, everyone goes through it. I’ve had quite a few six month injuries and they’re always tough to deal with but you come out the other end. You’ve got to work hard and have faith in your physios and doctors.