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Graduation Photos

10 July 2014

Are you tired of the same old ‘In Front of the Fountains’ graduation photos? Are you looking for somewhere more exciting to remember this special day? If so, then read on!

Here we offer alternative graduation photo hotspots, something to (hopefully) tickle everybody’s fancy! If you think we’ve left somewhere off the list then don’t forget to Tweet the @CUGradReporter using the hashtag #CUGrad2014 with your suggestions!

Cardiff main building

1)     The Main Building

Ah – the iconic Main Building: voted the top graduation photo location by the Class of 2013 and it’s easy to see why.

2)     Your very own University building

You know – for that personal touch. This is ideal if your School is based in either the old Glamorgan or Bute buildings, or the state-of-the art Optometry building. However, if you’re based in one of the ‘lesser’ attractive University buildings you might want to miss this one out!

Cardiff Millennium Stadium

3)     The Millennium Stadium

The home of Welsh sport, in the capital of Wales, whilst graduating from Wales’ premier university – why not? It seems to fit.

4)     St David’s Hall

Outside the ceremony itself, surrounded by friends and family – simple, easy, perfect. Be prepared with an umbrella though – that infamous Welsh weather may decide to show its rainy face.

Cardiff Bay

5)     The Bay

The juxtaposition of the shiny, modern Millennium Centre against the terracotta 19th century Pierhead Building is sure to be a stand-out graduation photo location!

6)     Cathays Park (yes, including the fountains!)

Cathays Park – surrounded by historic architecture in one of the greenest city centres in Britain – is one of the most perfect locations for that photo that will last a lifetime.

Remember that Ede and Ravenscroft provide the official graduation portraits, which can be ordered online in advance of your graduation or on purchased the day itself (provided that there is not much of a queue!).