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Graduation Memories: Kevin Birt

20 July 2013

Mr. Kevin Birt, BSc Accounting, Class of 1998

“To some it’s a formality, to some it is recognition for all their hard work for me it was the opportunity to thank my parents for all their support and everything they had done for me. I graduated in 1998 and at the end of the formalities we were given the opportunity to give a round of applause to our parents at the event in St David’s Hall. Most graduates clapped a ‘token’ applause and I am sure some were more heartfelt than others, for me it was a genuine opportunity to at last thank my parents for everything they had done and sacrificed to get me through university. Not just the financial support and not just the monthly laundry runs but for everything!

Be prepared, get there early, don’t get too drunk the night before, thank your parents and be aware of pigeons.

A friend of mine graduated in engineering in 2008 and he was late, he rushed round in a nervous panic.  In his haste he picked up the wrong gown and had to run back to get it changed.  Tired and exhausted he had 5 minutes to calm down before going into the hall, he sat outside a pub with a glass of coke and his mortarboard on the seat next to him. This was an attractive target for a pigeon who took full opportunity of it and did, what pigeons do all over his ceremonial hat. Once again panicked, he rushed to the pubs toilet to wash it off and attempt to dry it in all available tissue paper which stuck to the bird mess leaving him with a bizarre graduation hat.”

Good luck on the day and enjoy the moment it will only happen once!