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Graduation Memories: Jessica Best

11 July 2013
“Graduation day for me felt completely surreal. You work towards that day for three years, with all the blood sweat, tears, and late nights that entails, and then all of a sudden you’re there, done, finished – and on the cusp of the real world. But as daunting as that was, it was a day of real pride – celebrating with your family and all the friends who’ve supported you to get to that point. It’s also a day of great excitement – a crystallisation all the hopes and ambitions you have for the future, and anticipation about where this piece of paper will take you in years to come.
Try to hold on to that excitement – or the memory of it – for as long as you can. When things get tough in the world outside uni, remember that feeling of anticipation for all the things yet to come, and that there’s still lots you can accomplish and achieve.
Also, choose your graduation footwear wisely! Ladies, a low heel, and I’d warn against flip flops. Falling face-first into the vice chancellor to receive your BA/BSc is not the best start to your life as a graduate!”