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Graduation 2012

Graduation 2012 is upon us!

10 July 2012

With just a week to go the stress is mounting and you’re probably running through every worst-case scenario in your head – I know I am! (Images of me falling off the stage are still haunting my dreams!)

But if you’re like me, and want to make sure the day goes as smoothly as possible, it’s best to plan ahead, making sure you have everything you will need ahead of time to avoid those last-minute stresses! So, I’ve been asking Cardiff graduates for their tips to help the day run as smoothly as possible.

Book your gown and pictures ahead of time  – With hundreds of students collecting gowns from City Hall at the same time, it is going to get rather crowded. So make sure you’ve booked your gown ahead of time – not forgetting to bring your email confirmation with you.

Book the restaurant you want to go to in advance – Graduation week is busy in town and most restaurants will be taking bookings in advance, so if you are planning on having a celebratory meal with the family, ring ahead of time to avoid any lunch time stress.

Make sure you can walk in your shoes – Ladies, if you’re like me and prone to accidents there is nothing worse than the risk of falling over on stage and embarrassing yourself in front of the congregation. So either wear shoes with a small heel or flats to avoid any tumbles. (A spare pair of flats is a good idea to walk across town in too!)

Remember to bring safety pins – Graduation gowns aren’t the most flattering item of clothing and you’ll probably need a whole army of safety pins to help keep your gown in place, so remember to bring plenty for yourself – and extras to share.

Dress for the occasion – This one is mostly for the ladies. It may be summer and you’ll probably want to show off your newly tanned legs, but mini-skirt dresses aren’t going to be comfortable on the day. You’ll need something that you can walk in easily – (and in a classy manner), and are able to sit down in comfortably – ceremonies can seem to go on for a long time!

Remember to bring a camera – Graduation should be a joyous time. You’ve worked hard for your results and had the time of your life making new friends, and now you’re ready for the next chapter! So remember to bring a camera to capture your final moments as students – moments you will cherish for years to come.

Alex has just completed her Undergraduate degree at the Cardiff University School of Journalism Studies, graduating with a 2.1 in Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies.
She currently works as a fashion blogger and freelance journalist, hoping to enter into the world of PR. A lover of photography, travel and The Cure.