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Cardiff Alumni 2015 – Victoria Dando

13 July 2015

1. Hi Victoria! What did you study at Cardiff University and why did you chose to study it?

I studied journalism, film and broadcasting for my undergraduate degree and chose it because I wanted to work in the media. I loved the course and graduated with first class honours. Since then I have also gained my PhD which looked at how the British press report climate change and terrorism, and the differences and impact of that reporting.


2. Can you tell me about what are you doing now? 

At this very moment I’m on maternity leave, having given birth to my first child 5 weeks ago. I’ll be returning to my job as senior communications officer at cardiff university at the end of the year.


3. Where you involved in any societies or student media while you were studying at Cardiff University?

Yes, I wrote a few articles for Gair Rhydd while I was a student.


4. How do you think they helped you to develop your skills?

It was good experience to learn real life skills and put into practice some of the teaching from my degree.


5. Did you face any challenges while studying? How did you deal with them?

It was quite a difference moving from a levels to a degree because of the amount of independent study involved. It took some time to get to grips with that. Most recently when I did my PhD I was also working full time so had to spend evenings and weekends working on it. It was worth it though!


6. Following on from the previous question, what were some of your best moments while studying at Cardiff University?

Meeting new people and making friends that I still have now.


7. How did you feel when you graduated from Cardiff University?

Happy, relieved, excited and nervous! It was a really lovely day to end a great three years.


8. What advice would you give those students that are graduating this year?

I’m graduating this year too after successfully completing my PhD and can’t wait for the day and to share it with my family. I’d say to students to take lots of photographs that they can look back on in years to come.


9. Finally, how would you describe your experience with Cardiff University?

It was brilliant. I had a great three years as an undergraduate and loved returning to do my PhD. The university and city has everything you want as a student. I’m proud to be a cardiff graduate.


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  1. Emma Byrne

    Congratulations Dr Dando! Massive achievement and dedication to successfully complete your PhD whilst working full-time. Enjoy the day with your new family x

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