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Cardiff Alumni 2015 – Francesca Irving

10 July 2015
We speak with Francesca Irving, an Alumni of Cardiff University. She tells us about trusting her entrepreneurial spirit and avoiding her ‘safe’ plan.
1. Hi Francesca, what did you study at Cardiff University?
I studied BSc Business Management (Marketing Route)
2. Why did you decide to study that particular subject?
I’ve always loved business since GCSE years. I was also quite entrepreneurial as a child/teenager so I wanted to learn how to focus my business acumen. I chose the marketing route to explore my creativity.
3. Can you describe your experience at Cardiff University in a few words?
Rewarding and exciting, stressful at times, but the time of my life!
4. Did you become involved in any societies or student media during your time here?
I was involved in the trampolining club in my final year, having been a gymnast and trampolinist when I was younger
5. What was some of your best moments during your time at Cardiff University?
I got 91% in one of my modules. This was a great example to me of what I could achieve when I put all my effort and passion into something! Meeting my friends for life in freshers week was also a top moment which I can always look back on. My final year entrepreneurship presentation was also a great moment as it marked the end of months of hard work in a group project.
6. How did you feel about graduating?
I felt sad that I had to enter the grown up world and my student days were over. They really do go too quickly. I also felt proud to be graduating from a Russell Group university.
7. What did you do after you graduated? Did you have a set plan?
After graduating I went straight into a graduate advertising career. At one point, I was planning to open a beauty salon, having become qualified as a beautician during university summer holidays. I abandoned this plan for ‘safe’ employment when I fell in love with the advertising world!
8. What advice would you give to first years coming to Cardiff University?
Cardiff University is an amazing university and anyone who has been accepted has already done really well. My advice would be to find the right balance of working hard, loving your subject, and enjoying yourself with friends.