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Alumni 2015 – Laura Hodges

7 July 2015
We interviewed Cardiff alumna Laura Hodges. She speaks about her experiences in Cardiff University and how grabbing every opportunity is vital for graduates to succeed!
1. Hello Laura, what did you study at Cardiff University? And why did you choose to study this?
I studied Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies at Cardiff, I chose this course because it had a great reputation and the modules sounded really enjoyable and suited to my interests. At first I wanted to leave Wales to go to university, but by the time results days came I had my heart set on Cardiff so was relieved to get accepted!
2. What are you currently doing now?I work for the central Communications and Marketing team at Cardiff University.
3. Did you get involved in any societies or student media while you were studying at Cardiff University?
Me and my friend did a bit of behind the scenes work for the radio, and I was part of the Journalism society but nothing else that I can remember!
4. Did you experience any challenges whilst studying at Cardiff University? How did you overcome them?Adapting to living with new people and having a new routine was strange, but I soon settled in. Choosing who and where to live in your 2nd year can be challenging as it can change your whole experience, I was really lucky and lived with great girls in nice houses. There is so much student housing in Cardiff so there’s no need to rush!
5. What was one of your best moments at Cardiff University?
I remember my first time exploring in Bute Library with my course mates, it was a maze full of corridors and hidden rooms with books everywhere – we loved it!
6. How did you feel when you graduated?I felt a huge sense of relief, but also sadness that my time at university was over but huge excitement for the next chapter.
7. What advice would you give to the graduates of 2015? 
Be ambitious, full of energy and a positive person to be around. If you have an opportunity that appeals to you then take it, chances are it’s not going to come around again!
8. How would you describe your overall experience of studying and working within Cardiff University?Merry happy! I loved my time at Cardiff, both living and studying here was an excellent experience. Although I left to live in London for a while I am now back in Cardiff and still love this city just as much as I did during my university years!