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Class of 2014

A Taste of Television

17 July 2014

Louise Collings graduated today with a 2:1 in Law and French. She is now the Magistrates Courts Act Officer for Warwickshire Police. Here, she explains how becoming a member of Cardiff Union TV allowed her to experience life outside of her comfort zone.

Louise Collings photo

Going into the final year of University, the prospect of taking my last ever exams and having to function in the real world was daunting. However, I thought I’d throw myself in at the deep end, which is why I joined CUTV – Cardiff Union TV.

I had no prior experience in student media, and had never been part of a society executive team, but when the social secretary position came up, I thought “why not?” Freshers’ fortnight quickly arrived and the society took on its heaviest workload to date. During this period, CUTV broadcasted a live show every single day, which included the creation of various features.

Having only a social role and no TV production experience, I wasn’t expected to help with the output but I got involved almost every day and loved it. The executive team that the controller had assembled was unbelievably dedicated and throughout the year they continued to create regular, incredible content.

I would encourage current Cardiff University students to get involved in something new and outside of their comfort zone – get as much as you can from university before it’s too late! Balancing a part-time job, full-time final year studies and the society role was very challenging, but the rewards were more than worth it.