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Honorary Fellows interview series

Honorary Fellows: John Reardon Smith

15 July 2013

John Reardon Smith is the chairman of the Reardon Smith Nautical Trust and was previously the director of two ship owning companies. He was awarded an honorary fellowship at the first graduation ceremony on Monday 15th July for achieving ‘international distinction’ in his field.

What was the atmosphere in the hall like during the ceremony?


How does it feel coming to Cardiff 2013 graduation and being part of it and the whole experience?

It strengthens the involvement that the trust will have with the university in future and makes us feel more responsible for our role in life. We as a trust are [founded] by my great grandfather to persuade young people to initially go to sea and now it is in a marine environment. But we’ve moved from that, we are now concentrating on the character building of any student in any marine environment so we can take them sailing, build their confidence, so that’s what we’re trying to do now.

It must feel incredible being so successful…

I’ve been looking forward to working [with them] there are two; those who do not have the confidence to move on, (students that are clever) and then there’s those who are clever that need a reward, so we’re about to expand.

How did it feel to be awarded with an honorary fellowship?

Wonderful, it dates back to an aunt of mine who donated the telescope and my great grandfather did the lecture theatre and it is up to us to continue to use his money as best and we can.