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Summer Programmes

Wow! GLS Schule in Berlin – really, just wow!

17 September 2014
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Wow, really! Such a programme is just a fantastic way to spend your holidays. I did a German course in GLS Schule in Berlin, after which you will never put spacebar between some words [in German many long words are made up of two or more words ‘stuck together’] The programme meant that I could spend my time having fun and learning at the same time. Nothing stands in the way of combining these two things, as at the GLS School you find interesting teachers, cool friends and a broad range of extracurricular activities. Let’s just name some: the city and its variety of event, clubs and museums, including the Neue National Museum (New National Gallery), Juedisches Museum (Jewish Museum) and the Berlinermauer Museum (Museum of the Berlin Wall), as well as many more, some just being opened. In the city is Berlin you can come across a lot of modern history, for example, the remnants of the Berlin Wall are still left on the streets, and even the line where it stood before is still visible (as well as the rabbits in between, but, that’s a different story). Additionally, new lists of extracurricular activities were given every next week, always different – always interesting.

Daniel Krajnik Classroom

The German courses in the school can fit everybody, regardless if you had contact with the language before, or you are a complete beginner. After arriving to school on the first day the students write a test assessing their language skills, writing, speaking, listening and reading. Of course, everybody can have a bad day – in case your score wouldn’t really match you real abilities, there is always a possibility to move to a different group. There are three sets of courses – the Standard, the Intensive and the Crash. The Standard Course, which I did, provided me with the lessons from the morning to the early afternoon. During it we had one pause with switching the teachers and going for a coffee to a local Cafeteria.

Daniel Krajnik Cafeteria

The local Cafeteria (pictured above) is an interesting thing. The students are provided with three meals a day consisting of everything what one can wish for. Cereals, scrambled eggs, one hundred things to make a sandwich with, coffee express. In the Cafeteria we also attended the Stammtisch, which always takes place on the first day. The Stammtisch brought all the students together to talk, have fun, while practicing the language. The new students could then meet the others and talk with the people outside their course. Personally, it was for me an incredible experience, to listen to stories of all the people from around the globe, as the GLS School works also on the other continents there is an opportunity to meet people from Columbia and Russia, China and Italy, USA and Mexico and many more.