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15 October 2016

I think last weekend was one that I will remember for the rest of my life! I went on a trip to one of the biggest amusement parks in Europe and to the beautiful historic city of Tarragona. Basically, me and my friends spent two days full of adrenaline, true happiness and something more…We left Valencia really early on Saturday morning and we spent the whole day and evening at PortAventura. As soon as we entered, we headed straight to the most popular attraction – Shambhala. The feeling of going down 78 m at a speed of 135 km/h cannot possibly be described by words and was definitely worth the two-hour wait in the queue.

After trying out other roller coasters as well, we decided to get on THE TOWER. The fall lasts only a few seconds, the craziest seconds in my life 😀 To get a rough idea of what I am talking about, here is a picture made only a few minutes before getting on:

As the evening came, PortAventura transformed itself into a magical and a little bit scary kind of place. It was “La noche de los vampiros” and there were people dressed up in all kinds of Halloween themed costumes – from corpse brides to killer clowns. My friends and I did not miss the unique opportunity to visit the Haunted House. Around midnight there was a parade around the lake near the entrance to the park and a firework show.



Hounted House






We stayed until the closure of PortAventura, after which we registered at the hotel (at 1:30 am!!!), we took a quick shower and the organisers of the trip took us to a party at a local club (getting used to the Spanish/Erasmus lifestyle :D). As soon as we checked out the next morning we headed off to Tarragona, which is very close to the tourist resort we were staying at for the night. I was amazed by the amount of Roman buildings that were preserved in this town. I have to say the view from the amphitheatre was breathtaking…the sea, the beach, the palm trees…







It is also worth pointing out how beautiful and big the cathedral in Tarragona is. Finally, I would like to recommend those two places to any passionate traveller out there. Here are a few more photos to keep you warm: