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Travelling Again

10 July 2016

After reluctantly pulling myself out of bed, showering and having a minimal breakfast, all of us traipsed downstairs to anxiously weigh our luggage. I had over packed my hand luggage, so there was no way my luggage was over new limit (25kg instead of 15kg). Kate however was around 1kg over, so I offered to put some of her stuff in my bag. Simple enough, surely? No, not really. Tired me, somehow between the hotel room and the lobby, had managed to lose the keys to the lock on my luggage. So I now have no lock on my luggage and now know that hotel staff have a high variety of skills and can probably do anything if they wanted to. After that mishap we just waited for our mentor to say it was time to go. Truthfully, the half an hour or so wait we had that I knew I could have spent in bed was painful.

By 11 we were through check-in (the bags went through without an issue!) and on the plane. The hour before take-off I took a nap. It was wonderful. Well it was wonderful, before Kate, Eilidh  were woken up by the roar of the plane taking off. When we landed in Ubon Ratchathani we went and met the principle and his daughter – they were also surprised by the size of our luggage. I’m pretty certain that all four of us fell asleep in the principle’s car on the ride from the airport to the restaurant.

This was my first experience of north-eastern Thai food. Currently I have approached most things in a ‘why not’ fashion, but honestly, I decided to change my tactics after that meal. When they say a spicy, they really do mean spicy!

It didn’t take us long to look around what were our lodgings for the next two months. I am now sharing with Hannah. It is a twin room with a toilet and shower, decent wi-fi signal, air conditioning and even two fans. Beside it lacking enough electric sockets and a single sink, the room is now quite cosy since we’ve unpacked.


We went to dinner at the principle’s house that night, and had our first experience of monsoon weather. Basically it rains a lot, is very heavy and makes the ground really squishy and muddy. So I think I’ll be cleaning my shoes a lot if I want them to stay one colour! Later that night Hannah and I were both on our laptops and were enjoying a bit of Netflix. When I went to plug my charger in however, we found out that the extension lead could not cope with more than two items plugged in. So that was enlightening. Not having laptops did mean we got an early night though!