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Tour Around Valencia, Tapas Evening and First Lectures

13 September 2016

As I mentioned in my previous post, there are a lot of activities organised for Erasmus students here in Valencia. One of the many organisations that deal with this is the Erasmus Student Network (ESN). On Friday they offered a free tour of the city and I went there with an English friend I met during the first day of my stay here. It was an amazing experience to see the beautiful historical buildings of Valencia around sunset. Here is a taster of the atmosphere:





After the walk we went for some traditional Spanish tapas and sangria. I would highly recommend trying them to everyone visiting Spain and if you ever find yourself in Valencia, definitely have Horchata with some fartons!!


After a week of exploring the city and a weekend of Latin parties, the time to start university officially came. Despite a few organisational issues around enrollment and module choices, I have to say my first two days of lectures have been very exciting. The lecturers are very helpful, I have managed to sit through and understand a total of 12 hours of classes only in Spanish and I find one of the modules to be the most interesting I have studied yet. It focuses on a very specific part of Economic Theory and I would have never been able to study it in Cardiff. Moreover, in the groups for my practical classes I have met some very nice people from all around the world.