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Niamh O’Reilly

Niamh O’Reilly

Posted on 11 January 2021 by GO Student Ambassadors

School of Earth and Environmental Sciences International Exchange Placement Where did you go? University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada What motivated you to take up a year abroad? I've had […]

Settling in- My First Week at UBC!

Posted on 7 September 2019 by Niamh O'Reilly

Saturday I left Vancouver Airport at 3pm on Saturday. It didn’t take much more than half an hour to get to UBC and I was checked in my room by […]

Top 10- Fears and Cheers!

Top 10- Fears and Cheers!

Posted on 29 August 2019 by Niamh O'Reilly

It’s now just over a day until I embark on my journey to Vancouver- I have contemplated the parts I am most looking forward to as well as those I […]

Applying for a year abroad- my story

Posted on 22 August 2019 by Niamh O'Reilly

One of my major inspirations for studying Geology was the opportunity to travel- this dream has finally come true! This is due to some very hard work and a pinch […]

Snow place like Vancouver

Snow place like Vancouver

Posted on 22 December 2016 by Lorna Hayne

We’ve had snow in Vancouver!! They say it never snows here but we’ve had snow on the ground every day this week, which has made concentrating on studying for finals […]