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Reflections at the end of my Erasmus

18 June 2017

So many things happened in the last couple of months that I haven’t had the time to write about each and every experience. That is why I am using this opportunity to summarise some of them and share my feelings less than two weeks before I leave Valencia.

Spending the whole academic year as an exchange student in this beautiful, vibrant city enabled me to make some really good friends that I continue to go out and travel with. A few weeks ago we had our fourth road trip to one of the best places to do hiking and bathe in natural springs. We are already planning our Erasmus reunion:

This semester was also marked by awesome parties and international dinners I will never forget. However, it is all coming to an end and everyone is having mixed feelings…excited about going back home after such a long time, but sad to leave their new “family”:

One of my favourite events was the Pool Party that marked the end of the semester. It was the best way to celebrate my excellent exam results and I got to see all my friends there (in fact two of them were the DJs):

Words are not enough to express the happiness that those 10 months brought me! It was not my first experience living abroad, but it was definitely the most memorable one. I met people from all parts of Europe, Latin America, USA and Marocco, people that have become a significant part of my life. What makes it even more difficult for me to leave is the fact that I met a guy who changed my whole world and perception of love (yeah, I know it sounds like something taken out of a chick flick novel, but it is true).