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Pre-Chambéry Preparations

29 August 2019
Hi :)  
An excitedly anxious 3rd year student-to-be here. with my 'Voyage' soon approaching, people around me have started to spit out a good old 'Bon voyage ma LuLu'.
I am excited, honest!
I remember my ecstatic high school teacher stating that "This will be the best year of your life". With university professors reinforcing this I do have some expectations!-
Will I find the height of my confidence?
Will I become a fluent French speaker?
Will I become certain on my future career path?
With all of these questions set aside and locked into my subconscious I understand that it is only best to focus on my present moment right now. So, here I am preparing for my YEAR ABROAD.
I'm heading to Chambéry, France on August 30th.
I couldn't make the 'Semaine d'intergration' but I've been looking at plenty of pictures of the French Alps and everything in between. Also, I've been making sense of the university's map- I've mapped out a LIDL already!!

Money? I am promising to myself i'm going to spend it wisely as my rent is €390 a month, I will end up with more money to spend than I did here in Cardiff whilst renting private accommodation. I've ordered myself a Revolut Card - and downloaded the Revolut App; it helps with all currencies and their exchange rate- I recommend it!

Packing? I am staying here for approximately 5 months so taking everything I need for that period of time and also the fluctuating temperatures of August to December is a challenge. SendmyBag - can help here and items that I need from home can be sent directly to my French university.
That's about everything for now!
speak soon,

Revolut- Global Money App