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My First Sick Day

16 August 2016

So today I had my G.10 class that I was dreading first thing at 8.30am. It sounds silly to say that I wasn’t looking forward to a class, but it’s true. They can be the least well-behaved out of the students I have, but they also have the most to learn and can be the most fun. So with many deep breaths and encouragements in my head, I went to my lesson. The first thing I noticed was that the desks were laid out differently. It was more organised so that there was a gap between the boys’ side of the room and the girls’ side of the room. This meant that I could easily get to the back of the class much more easily than I could yesterday. I never realised that the layout of a classroom would matter that much to me!

This lesson I gave them a code breaker to do. I had given them one of these before, but this time I used longer sentences, and gave them more time to figure it out themselves before we revealed the letters and words as a class. Once a student said what a number was, I then got them to come up and replace the number with the letter. I didn’t realise how good this was for them as it meant the students would have to find the numbers among other letters and numbers. I then asked students to say the sentences at the end to practice their pronunciation. Although this did take all lesson, I think it was good to do after the difficult lesson yesterday and the fun lesson left me and the students in a better mood for the last two lessons this week.

As I said before, this was my only lesson today which is usually great as it means I have time to plan everything for the next day and catch up with my blog posts – which I have to do a lot! But today I ended up feeling really ill at lunch and barely touched my food. As this is unheard of from me, I went to Ben and asked for the afternoon off. I spent a few hours resting in my room until I saw a message from Eilidh saying that they were practicing our science experiments. Since the science fair was tomorrow I changed out of my pyjamas and went to the primary school. I just expected to find Kate and Eilidh to be practicing their experiments, but I found a crowd outside on of the classrooms with three of EIlidh’s students performing our experiments! They were much snazzier than us as they had costumes, goggles and everything. We then had to practice our experiments. They definitely upstaged us. But it did give us a chance to practice our show-womanship. This time I managed to open the nappy and make artificial snow all by myself. Now I just need to manage it tomorrow!