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Most instagram-able spots in Vancouver, BC

19 August 2017

Having spent the past four weeks in Vancouver, BC roaming around the city as a group of twenty something year olds means that photos are snapped almost every 5 to 7 minutes so I’m making a list for anyone who needs those picture perfect moments to send home to the fam’ to make sure they know you’re having a freaking awesome time.


Wreck Beach –

If you hit the beach at around 7pm with a clear sky, the water looks like mercury. Reflective and iridescent, it’s the perfect setting for a few beers after a hard day of studying. The beach, just ten minutes from the UBC campus is utterly stunning.

Lynn Canyon Bridge –

If you’ve been looking on Trip Advisor and everything says ‘go to Capilano Suspension Bridge’… DON’T. This bridge costs you an arm and a leg to get in but it’s really just a long bridge filled with tourists. Take a bus over the Lynn Canyon and pay nothing to get into the park for free where you can hike, swim if you fancy it and also take an iconic pic on the long bridge that sways in the wind too. Guaranteed to get the likes.

Kayaking in False Creek

If you take a quick bus ride down to Granville island and hunt down the Vancouver Water Adventures peeps by the harbour, you’ll be able to hire out a bright orange kayak for not much dollar at all. It’s an awesome work out for your arms and also gives you an amazing opportunity to see the beaches all along the city of Vancouver. The orange kayaks stand out against the blue sea and sky so it’s a perfect spot for a quick pic when you want to give your arms a rest.

Grouse Mountain-

Is a stunning look out location if you’ve managed to miss the wild fire haze that can happen during the summer months in Vancouver. I would also highly recommend tackling the ‘Grouse Grind’. Don’t look online about how ‘dangerous’ the hike is, it’s long and tough but so rewarding when you finally make it to the top. Great instas include but are not limited to; the hunky lumberjacks who put on a wood cutting show at the top, amazing birds that fly right past your cheek in the bird show and also the beautifully fury grizzly bears. Oh so cuttte!