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Lingo Map: Career Plans, Skills & Employment

13 June 2017

Hola a todos! I cannot believe that soon I will be leaving Valencia, the city that has given me so much. Apart from all the fun I have had and the amazing people I have met, I have also been able to make contacts with inspiring entrepreneurs and people working in the field that I want to go into. In the past 10 months I have improved my Spanish significantly, I have learned how to work in a multicultural team, I have become more independent, self-aware and confident. The Erasmus experience will be the perfect example to demonstrate I have those key skills to graduate employers.

Although I am aspiring for a career in Human Resources, coming to Spain has made me realise I also have interest in creating and managing cross-cultural teams in international companies. Moreover, I would like to get involved in the activities of the Erasmus agencies in Cardiff in order to help other exchange students settle in and get to know the city that has been my home for almost three years now. I look up to the people who are helping to spread the wonderful idea of international mobility. I am extremely happy to see that more and more young people are becoming citizens of the world each year and I would like to help grow the popularity of volunteering, studying and working abroad even more.

Finally, I would like to highlight the importance of the language skills you gain from such an experience. Not only do they enable you to have a conversation with people from different parts of the world, but they expand your career opportunities tremendously. The best part is you meet so many people from different countries that you inevitably pick up words in their native languages. For example, I have learned how to say parsley in Italian, Polish and Turkish – prezzemolo, pietruszka, maydanoz. The story of how I learned it and why exactly this word is quite long, so I am not going to enter in details, but I am glad I know what to look for in the shop when I go to Italy, Poland and Turkey 😀