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Pre-departure: what you need to know

Posted on 28 November 2017 by Kimberly Field

Bonjour everyone! Today’s blog topic is about all the things you need to know before going away abroad. It’s all good and well me telling you about all the things I’ve been doing so far, but for people planning on working or studying abroad, one of the most important things to know is how to
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Nantes month three: birthday celebrations are a go!

Posted on 27 November 2017 by Clarissa Le Neindre-Hubbard

I cannot believe how quickly time flies… I only have two more weeks of lectures and then that will be the end of semester one of my year abroad. These past few weeks have been manic (hence my lack of blogging) but I’ll try to summarise some of the things I’ve gotten up to over
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International Exchange

Chemistry in China- the Adventure begins

Posted on 8 November 2017 by Nancyanne

Over 10 weeks ago, my life changed completely. For the better. I was moving to China for a year! I was very apprehensive about it and even considered dropping out last minute. Somehow, I managed to pull through the apprehension, apply for a visa and travel to China all in a space of 4 days.
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Summer Programmes

What To Expect If You Volunteer In Fiji

Posted on 4 November 2017 by Rosie Maslin

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