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Summer Programmes

National holidays and local area of interest.

Posted on 23 May 2018 by Emily James

Coming abroad to work as an English teacher has been quite restricting on my schedule. Of course, I’m loving every second of it but actually having a job does mean that I can’t just skip a day or take a day off like my friends studying at university can, so I’ve really learnt how to
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International Exchange

A quick update from an aspiring kiwi

Posted on 11 May 2018 by Jade Rushby

Welcome to my newest blog post. I’m nearing the end of my exchange in New Zealand now, with only around a month or so left to go! I miss home and am looking forward to being reunited with my friends and family but I will be extremely sad to leave this beautiful country. I was
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LingoMap: Environment

Posted on 10 May 2018 by Bayan Ali

Hello, everyone and welcome to my fourth blog. This blog will focus on the theme of the environment in Italy. Tourism and its impact on the environment One of the first things I have to mention when it comes to the environment in Florence is how beautiful the city is. There are many statues and
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LingoMaps: La cultura salamantina y castellana y las características de España

Posted on 10 May 2018 by Lewis Hacker

¡Hola! ¿Qué pasa? The topic of this month’s blog is ‘Local and Regional Culture and the Characteristics of your Country’. Salamanca has had a large impact on the creation of modern Spanish culture and identity. It is located in Spain’s largest autonomous community, Castilla y León, where modern day español, which is known as castellano
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