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I Got to Wear Scrubs!

1 December 2016

Yesterday morning I was allowed to go to theatre to watch some surgeries. A lot of the doctors were on strike so only emergency surgeries were being carried out, no routine.

On arrival I had to change into green scrubs, plastic white shoes, a hairnet and face mask. (As a physio student I never get to wear scrubs so this was a new opportunity for me!!). I saw a variety of different surgeries ranging from appendix removals, to toe amputations, removal of puss/ swelling from around the knee and abdominal surgeries. I did have to cringe at a few moments for example the noise of the bone crutching as the surgeon removed one gentleman’s toe, and watching a doctor push someone’s intestines back in! I quickly adapted to the operation theatres and surgery areas and I got used to the noises, smells, sights and general atmosphere.

The waiting area for surgery was packed and it was like a conveyor belt, one surgery after another and then another. I was amazed how all the consultants, doctors, nurses, anaesthetists, assistants and ODPs’ were so on the ball with every type of surgery. One of the nurses showed me how they sterilise each piece of equipment after surgery and talked me through a general day working there and how surgeries continue through the night. All of the nurses were so friendly and invited me to join them at break for tea and cake. (Yes more cake!)


In the afternoon I went back to the physio department and worked in the paediatric gym. Most of the children I helped to assess and treat had been diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Cerebral Palsy is very common in Sri Lanka, due to the large amount of infection.


Last night the girls and I watched ‘Love Actually’ to start getting ourselves into the Christmas spirit!!


This morning I went back to theatre to watch some orthopaedic cases, which were very interesting. It gave me a greater understanding of certain procedures and what some patients have to go through before they are referred to physiotherapy. Then I went back to the physio department to continue working with paediatrics.


This evening I am going to do an evening shift to go to the different ICU’s in the hospital with my chief physio. I am quite excited to see what the hospital will be like at night. I have been to the medical ICU once since I have been here but I have not yet been to the surgical, neurological or paediatric ICU’s so it will give me another opportunity to see more of the hospital.