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Football, Kettles and Bridget Jones

26 September 2016



This week has been a good one, which was prompted by my exciting purchase early on in the week of dun dun dun: a KETTLE. I mean it doesn’t look like a lot but this little kettle has changed my life. The therapeutic task of making a cup of tea is made less therapeutic by the fact that it is a stove top kettle, so it takes what seems like hours, but it has nevertheless improved the homely feel of our little apartment.

Our flatmate Fred has had his fair share of visitors from Germany recently, which is great for me to practice my German, but not so great for Orla. However, one night whilst Orla was out with friends, I went for a drink with Fred and Ronny and we spoke German the entire time- bar the odd word. It was a moment of realisation, that made me think, this is definitely what I want to do. It put m in such a great mood.

Then on Wednesday my Spanish friends Maria and Helena invited me to go to the cinema with them. Unbeknownst to me they were accompanied by about ten Spanish friends! It was a really great chance to be surrounded by Spanish people and we all went into the centre of Valencia to watch the new Bridget Jones film in Spanish. I loved it and look forward to doing so many more things with my lovely tandem partners.

Come Thursday, we went to watch Valencia play at the Mestalla stadium, it was such a great atmosphere despite my lack of interest in football. We got the tickets for such a bargain, but I am definitely looking forward to Mum and Steve visiting to sit in less vertigo-inducing seats.

Having spent most of the day on the beach on Saturday, on Sunday Kathryn and I woke up bright and early for a day trip to the beautiful Peníscola in Northern Valencia. It was great to visit a different place for a bit and to see the castle where Game of Thrones was filmed. Such a relaxing Sunday.

Having just put up some pictures in my room here, making it feel more homely, I am once again excited for the week ahead, but missing home that little bit more each week too.