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Summer Programmes

Dragon Flight

19 July 2016

We were all awake around 10am but it was too hot to move or do anything that productive just yet. Breakfast was at MeUB&B again, I had the banana and nutella sandwich stack and strawberry this time. It was great, even if they were a little skimpy with the nutella. Our transport for the zip line came at 12.40 just as we finished out breakfast. This time we were on a minibus with windows, seat belts and air con. We were prepared for an 8 minute journey to the zip line. I think they meant it would take 8 minutes to pick everyone up (there were nine of us in total), then it was an hour to two-hour journey to the Dragon Flight centre. I managed to nap up until they had to start beeping as they went round corners. Yes, the corners up the hills were that tight!


Dragon Flight was amazing. There were so many zip lines and a few sky bridges too. The guys who worked there were hilarious too, their English was good and they joked about trying to scare us by grabbing our ankles when climbing up or down ladders and holding us back on the zip line or pushing us. It was great fun though. The only bad thing about it was the amount of trekking up hills involved (which we weren’t warned about!). It definitely wore me out.


We ended up having a second dinner that evening after getting back to the hostel at 6pm, as the one they provided at Dragon Flight didn’t fill us up much. We went to an American and Mexican restaurant called the Three Little Pigs and just looking at the menu made me drool. I ended up getting a pulled pork in a burger bun with refried beans and tortilla chips with an Oreo milkshake. I somehow managed to finish all of it. The others struggled to finish their fried chicken strips, chips and onion rings…so I may have helped them a little.

Once we got back to the hostel we sorted air con for our room (it was delightful) and transport at 4.45am the next morning. We then packed and my food coma sent me to sleep fairly quickly.