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Summer Programmes

Developing sports for Think Pacific in Fiji

2 October 2017

Promoting and developing sport in Fiji is a big part of Think Pacific’s aims and has certainly played a big role in our project. From our first full day in the village the children have been involved in sporting activity for around an hour every weekday. With four groups of volunteers and eight year groups taking part, each week one sport for the volunteer groups was chosen, with two year groups combining and rotating their sport each day.

Friday sport is a mixture of sports games. With rugby and netball being Fiji’s primary sports, we have tried to introduce a variety other sports, such as rounders, football and athletics. It has been great to witness their enthusiasm and competitiveness in everything they do, be it in a silly race or even going to fetch a ball! This is further demonstrated by the fact that often some of the children will stay after school to use and play with the sports equipment whilst we debrief for the day and play our own team sport – some even try to join in! It’s not something you’d see often back in the UK.

After our Think Pacific team sport each day myself and a few other volunteers have had the privilege of joining in with the Tau village rugby team to play some sevens for an hour or so. It has definitely been a highlight of mine and an honour to play alongside people from one of the most gifted rugby nations in the world. Some of the skills on show were incredible and we will be sure to try to take some Fiji style rugby back home.

Lastly, our latest addition to sport has been a fellow volunteer, Abi, starting up some circuit and fitness training sessions. It’s been good for us to burn off some of the crazy amount of food we have eaten. Many of the rugby team have also recently joined in and they seemed to find it harder than expected, but if not it will at least be good fitness training before their tour to Australia in a couple of months.

Sport for me is always a pleasure to be involved in and it’s been a privilege to do so with the ever-enthusiastic people of Fiji.

Oh sa yawa … Oh sa dina!

Vanaka vaka levu Fiji