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Summer Programmes

Travelling to the Kingdom of Thailand

8 July 2016

What’s so great about getting up at 3.30 am on a Wednesday in June? No, it was not the fabulous sunrise. Nor was it baked beans on toast with a mountain of cheese. I, Samantha Edgson, had decided to spend my summer holiday in Thailand. And naturally an early flight that meant getting up at ridiculous o’clock to get to the airport was the best way to start my adventure. Not only that, but I was determined that I was only going to sleep at certain times. Did that work? Didn’t even last one flight! But being awake during the flights did make them a lot more interesting.


Having been a fresher and a social secretary at university, I believe that I am quite good at small talk. But even then, sitting next to a stranger for seven hours with nothing more in common than your destination, if that, definitely tested my sanity and social skills. In both of my flights I ended up next to men who just wanted to talk, which was nice despite the challenge. I sat next to Jamil for the first flight, who first spoke to me when he asked for a tissue with tears and snot dripping down his face. I’m glad I’m not the only person who gets emotional when travelling! He was really friendly (apart from trapping me in my seat for two hours because he was asleep) and was heading to Tunisia to spend three months with his family. On the flight from Muscat to Bangkok I met an expatriate who was returning from visiting family in Cornwall to Bangkok. Apart from unintentionally making me feel quite unprepared for my trip he was great and asked the hostesses to get my dinner for me the one time I fell asleep on the journey.

I feel like the worst parts of the trip had to be the waiting. The time between the two flights and the time spent in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport waiting to go to the hotel, I was hungry or trying to fight off sleep. In Muscat Airport, in Oman, they did not seem to accept pounds. Note to self, if ever on a flight transfer again, make sure to bring a supplies or a small amount of money for the airport! Once I finally got to Bangkok, I really could not wait to get to bed in the hotel. I could not wait so much I managed to nod off just before another ETA (English teaching assistant) arrived. So unfortunately I was not the most awake when I had my first conversation with Henna. Fortunately I’m not sure she minded at all.

So my adventure has certainly started, but I still need my eight hours sleep.