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Visa clampdown – how does this affect PGR?

22 May 2015

Yesterday, David Cameron made reference to institutions who have high rates of students overstaying their visas. This is in relation to the ambition that the new Conservative Government have to reduce net migration levels in the UK.

In a statement, the Prime Minister said “There will be no cap on the number of overseas students who come and study at our universities. But… we must go further on curbing abuse…”. The statement goes on to suggest that universities should toughen up language requirements for students.

The sponsor system, which currently allows universities to vouch for students will also be reviewed, potentially seeing this oversight moved to the Home Office.

International PGR students are great ambassadors in developing our international research profile, and can be critical players in developing or strengthening relationships with international partners. How well are we making the most of this? And how much of a difficulty could it be if we faced further restrictions in this area?


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