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Directions for Research Management – Jisc report

7 April 2015

The development of Research Data Management policies as a result of increasing requirements of funders and publishers, has led to a report from Jisc, produced to reflect on how Universities need to develop over the next five years. The report reflects that whilst policies are often decided at a very strategic level, implementation can be tricky and requires a combination of skills from policy, governance, research offices and librarians.

The report presents some key issues for consideration by institutions:

  • Policy – what do funders need, how do we deliver on it, will requirements change?
  • Advocacy and awareness raising – who should do this and how do we provide these people with the right skills?
  • Advice points for researchers – what are our systems, processes and advice for researchers who are about to develop new research information?

It’s worth reflecting that in research intensive institutions, research support and management is part of nearly everyone’s job. But how do we ensure that our support structures are coordinated, responding to policy and making the most of shared intelligence across the institution?


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