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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Latest updates.

About a Blog

Horizon scanning, forward thinking, intelligence gathering… Call it what you will, this blog has been set up to try and capture, share and encourage awarenesss of HE issues that are going on around us to ensure that as an Institution we are ready for anything. We need to be thinking about and acting on what is going on whether it’s government policy, sector development or societal shifts. This blog will attempt to capture some of the ‘big issues’, and some of the smaller ones too. Please feel free to contribute anything more local or specific that you think it would be valuable to share too.

How often have you thought “Oo, that’s interesting, I should save that somewhere…” whether a weblink, email or document. Well, here is where you could save it.

With so much information out there and as a very big institution, hopefully this will go some way to sharing what we all know and form a cohesive vision and awareness as we continue to develop as a world leading institution.