The Birth of a Blog

Welcome to the very first blog post from The Family Archive Project. Over the next year or so this project is going to explore what sort of things go into family archives and what those things say about the families who collect them.

We’ll be holding three focus groups with family history researchers in Barnsley, Leeds and Birmingham, to find out what members of the public hold onto (or not) from their family’s pasts and how they care for those items. We’re also going to look at how families in the past passed on their family history through curated possessions – including documents, images, objects and other heirlooms and stories. It’ll all culminate with a workshop at The National Archives in autumn 2015, where we’ll present our results and hear from a range of people who are interested in what family archives say about identity and relationships between the generations.

Watch this space for updates on our research, public events, publications, focus groups and more.

Join us on Twitter using the project hashtag #famarchive – we’d love to hear from you.


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