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Say, “No, To Saturday Exams!”

“Saturday Exams”. Many people I know outside of Cardiff University, of all ages, take it as a joke when I mention those two words together. I nearly always have to assert that it’s a real thing and that we have them at my University.

Their response varies, but they always respond in saying, “surely that only adds more stress and anxiety to students”.

I nod and say, “it also disadvantages students that may not fit the stereotype. It impacts students who may be parents or guardians and may be my age or older in particularly. It also impacts students who choose to work as part of normal university routine, naturally to work at the weekend. It puts them unnecessarily at odds between their work or family and their studies.”

University by its nature plays its critical role in society when it is open to people of all walks of life, particularly the most disadvantaged in background or income. When an educational system does not cater for people of particular background, it only creates more marginalisation in our society.

It also neglects our Jewish students who have certain requirements when it comes to their Sabbath that lies on a Saturday.

Saturday exams is more than just a minor annoyance.

In Swansea University, all they had to do was find two extra days to end Saturday exams. A small sacrifice to resolve the problems above. If Swansea University can make it happen, why can’t Cardiff University? Every university is different it gives us an idea just how simple the solution can be.

All we have to do is stand for it and make it happen!


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